Leadership conference

When you know that you want your next management conference to become better than the last one. More focused, more relevant, more energizing and more interactive.

When you bring all your managers together to focus the challenges/future your company/organisation is facing you know that it often leads to that you and the rest of the executive team show your slides, maybe with an extra guest as a topping and just before dinner a somewhat known entertainer. My experience is that very often, around lunch most of the participants are mostly focused on what will happen in the evening, when the bar opens or who the secret guest is.

This gathering is probably the most important and probably the most expensive activity in the year.

Another possibility is to design it in a way so that your managers are taking an increased responsibility, articulates the most important challenges and provides the most relevant answers and are leaving the conference energised instead of exhausted.

You will leave with a much better understanding of what is going on in your organisation and how your managers are thinking and acting.

Let us sit down and talk about how we can make this happen.