Organisational creativity

When you know that your company or organisation could be working in a more innovative way. Many products are being designed and constructed in a similar manner and the same goes for organisations, they have a tendency to copy each other. If you do things in a similar way it is difficult to stand out with your products or services. Approximately the same input produces approximately the same output.

We have developed a web based inventory (Innovation P. B.A.S.) which measures the innovative potential of an organisation. It is based on a thesis presented at the Technical University in Gothenburg (Chalmers) that has explored and mapped the different organisational dimensions that has an impact on the innovative potential in an organisation. It differs from prevailing assumption that innovation is inherent in (often slightly odd) in individuals and that it is happening in an unpredictable and coincidental way. We say that the innovative power is possible to increase in a more systematic and conscious way.

With our inventory we can evaluate the innovative potential of your organisation, which are the organisational obstacles and what is supporting innovative potential in your organisation. It creates an excellent position from where you can guide the organisation in a much more innovative direction.

Let us sit down for a while and talk about your concerns around innovative potential. The answers are probably much closer than you think.